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Relaxing Massages

The body massages and facials are known to be invaluable for stress relieve, muscle release and unblocking and generally the whole body rest. Massages are suitable for everyone but even better when adjusted to your personal needs. Our comfortable warm room, scent and relaxing music will contribute to your enjoyment. Relax your body and your mind.


Choose from a wide offer massages and facials. Duration: 60 mins.


Classical reconditioning massage

In classic massage, the masseur uses pressure, rubbing, kneading, smearing or bashing the relevant muscles based on knowledge of the muscular system. In addition, his performance adapts to the current state of the body of his client and his wishes. It is possible to use more or less pressure or to combine with other techniques to induce relaxation and rest.


Price: 650 CZK/60 minutes 

Aroma massage I. + II.

A relaxing massage which combines the effect of essential oils with calming acupressure. Very effectively frees your whole body and mind.

 In this type of massage, the masseur is systematically massaging first your hands and feet, including the fingertips  Then he proceed from the top of the head through the neck, spine and back muscles. He use aroma oil as well as aroma lamp to create relaxing atmospehere.  Aroma massage is performed up to a total body relaxation.


Aroma massage I.

There is a large choice of essential oils with various effects. Multiple essences with similar effect can be combined.

One of the essences is used in aroma lamp as well to support the effect by inhaling.



Antiseptic effect, regenerates skin cells, soothes nervous tension, also acts as an antidepressant and anti insomnia. Beneficial effects for headaches and migraines.




Anti-depressant, relieves nervous tension and insomnia, lowers blood pressure, acts as an aphrodisiac.




Anti-depressant, strong antiviral and repellency effects, help concentration and improves mood. Suitable for headaches.




One of the most effective oils for all difficulty breathing, helps to heal wounds, promotes concentration, has beneficial effects on migraine, cleans the air and are an essential essences in aromatherapy. 


Aroma masage II.

Relaxing massage named according to the already blended massage oils.


Relax (Relax aroma)


It brings relaxation and calms excessive mental and physical exertion. Massage Oil contains cold-pressed oils (almond, macadamia, apricot), 100% essential oils (rosewood - effective against stress, headaches and insomnia, bergamot - relieves stress and anxiety, lemongrass - suitable for minor injuries and sprains, relieves swelling), vitamins A, E, F, Lecithin.


Orient (Orient aroma)


Improves skin condition, regenerates the skin. Massage oil contains nourishing oils (jojoba, almond and apricot) and sensual blend of essential oils of vanilla, jasmine and geranium. 


Price: 650 CZK/60 minutes


Mountain relaxing massage

The main aim of relaxing massage is a natural harmonization of body and soul. It is suitable for anyone who needs to relax the body and get rid of accumulated stress. 

This type of massage uses a structured set of fine touches to relax the nervous system, eliminate fatigue and strength regeneration of the body. 

The whole massage is done with fine technique and locally are used hot lava stones to warm up the muscles.


Using oils:

Manufaktura brand, 100% natural oils: apricot, hop, grapevine

Just brand - antistress - for body massage

LR brand - fine oil for the vitality of the skin during facial massage


Aroma lamp and relaxing music are used to create relaxing atmosphere.


Price: 750 CZK/60 minutes


Hot stone massage



Hot lava stones have the ability to release pain and negative energy. 

This is a very pleasant method combining hot stone massage and the effect of essential massage oils. There are used different massage touches than the classical massage (forearm).

Massage movements are long, smooth and very slow. Aromatic oils enhance the feeling of total relaxation. Fabulously you relax and even long after the massage you will feel the warmth.

Used oils:
100% natural oil + essence of Ylang-ylang - aphrodisiac, soothes, relaxes, harmonizes and improves mood.

Part of the massage is music and aromaplamp to create relaxing atmosphere. 

Price: 900 CZK / 90 minutes 

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